We're spiritual beings living within the unnatural confines of a city.

Being a human here feels weird sometimes and we're all figuring it out together.









Mission To connect our urban community through curious and compassionate conversations about what it means to be a spiritual being while living in a city setting.

Vision​ Bringing the sacred back to the day to day grind of urban life by honouring the unique paths and experiences of individuals at all levels of social status


Chauntell here. I'm one of the creators of theSG. I hail from Hamilton Ontario - born and raised. The city and myself have gone through lots of changes over my life time. I've seen a lot of people and businesses come and go. There are parts of HamOnt that I love dearly and parts that make me want to run away.

I was called to create theSG in 2018 shortly after quitting my job in Social Work. Burn out from the day to day grind is rampant all over the place. We're playful creative beings and so many of us aren't able to be who we want to be because of all these rules that hold us down. Yet still I see people tapping into their magic more and more. There's a lot of great stuff happening here!

My vision is to bring
spiritual rebels together. Those brave souls that fight back against the restrictions of this word. They fight back with love, compassion, mindfulness and works hard to make a change in this crazy place. I've met so many epic people in my life and have been inspired by the stories of their service to the planet. My intention is for us to connect over these stories and inspired each other.

Ok, so as I'm writing this out I'm sitting at Red Church in Gore park and the lyrics of the song playing just said "everything is connected". (Amber Mark - "Conexão"). Yes! That's what I'm talking about. 



Chauntell aka Enchaunti Waroway is a born and raised Hamiltonian.

She's a Registered Social Worker, Psychotherapist, Soulpreneur Illuminator , Animist practitioner and intuitive artist.

Check out all that she offers at Earth in Sky

Enchaunti works at the Hamilton Centre for Personal Development doing one on one spiritual counselling, coaching and running groups.

She's passionate about using spirituality for wellness and loves helping people see their potential so they can create a passion filled life!